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FIGG in LA transforms itself and becomes GuadaLAjara Film Festival in honor of the two cities that have seen it grow.

The festival’s mission is to show the best of Latin cinema and it’s creators, in order to cultivate relationships for a borderless industry. We are seeking to become the bridge that maintains the heritage’s roots and customs from each of the nations involved.

Cinema has been a faithful ally and a close witness. It helps us unify and preserve our history and identity as latinos in the United States. For this reason, GuadaLAjara Film Festival seeks to bring together Latino filmmakers. In order for the first, second, and third generations to be known by the world and whose stories are essential to understand one of the largest minorities that exist in the country.

The GuadaLAjara Film Festival supports fundraising and charities. Every profit made in the box office will be donated to different organizations that contribute to the Latino community in the United States.

The tenth edition of the GuadaLAjara Film Festival has changed, but maintains its main goal: highlighting our talent and cultural diversity through cinema. For More Information: operaciones@glaff.org”

The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) is considered one of the most important showcases for the appreciation, promotion and distribution of Mexican and Ibero- American cinema. FICG has taken place annually in the city of Guadalajara – the capital city of Jalisco, Mexico – since 1986, where it was originally started by a group of students from the University of Guadalajara. Since then, it has grown to become the largest film showcase in all of Latin America. In its most recent edition, FICG showcased 281 films representing over 45 countries from around the world and hosting more than 142,000 festival attendees.

Directed by Estrella Araiza, the festival maintains a strong commitment to educating filmmakers from across the globe. It supports two programs that focus on training emerging filmmakers: Talents Guadalajara and DocuLab. FICG is also strongly committed to improving the quality of life for vulnerable social groups across Latin America. Each year the festival creates a program of premiere galas through which it collects the box office revenues and donates entirely to philanthropic organizations.

The festival was created to draw people from all over the world to see and appreciate the films of Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. Filmmakers, actors and producers accompany the premiere of their films to engage with audiences in each of the programs. Thousands every year gather to experience the region′s thriving film culture. The festival plans to continue its commitment to film education and social causes. Key sponsors of FICG are the University of Guadalajara, the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), the National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta), the State Government of Jalisco and the cities of Guadalajara and Zapopan.


UdG Foundation – USA

The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America (UDG Foundation – USA) is an extension of Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, A.C., and is made up of a number of prominent academic and social leaders. The Foundation works to attain private support from individuals, foundations and/or corporations in order to fulfill the mission and vision of the University of Guadalajara at Los Angeles.

The donations that the Foundation receives from one of the most important philanthropic regions in the United States go towards the relevant and high-quality academic and cultural activities of the University of Guadalajara in Los Angeles. Behind each donation is an organization or individual who is determined to help Mexicans and other Latinos living in this region improve their quality of life and enhance their cultural identity. This kind of support will have positive effects both on their communities of origin and the ones in which they are now living.

In keeping with its mission, the University of Guadalajara extends its educational services to the Los Angeles and California region. This initiative offers technical, continuing, high school and university-level educational services, as well as cultural and artistic programs to the Mexican and Hispanic communities living in and around Los Angeles. This initiative also creates new pathways to personal growth and strengthens the sense of identity and belonging of this population and thus facilitates their integration into the broader society. It is a bridge of academic and cultural collaboration between Guadalajara, Jalisco and Los Angeles, California.

For more information please visit www.udgusa.org

The University of Guadalajara is a vigorous community heir to an educational tradition that spans over two centuries. The University is located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara and in eight other regions of Jalisco. There are over 265,000 students who come to its campuses each day to study inside the University′s 422 vocational, high school, undergraduate and graduate academic programs. The University of Guadalajara is a leader in the field of human resources as well as in the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge, supporting and developing the state of Jalisco. The cultural life and artistic wealth of the western region of Mexico could not be accounted for without the pioneering efforts and unique contributions of the University of Guadalajara.

The University of Guadalajara is committed to the betterment of society through higher education. It supports scientific and technological research that makes important contributions to a sustainable and inclusive society, respecting cultural diversity and honoring the principles of social justice, democracy, coexistence, and prosperity for all. The University of Guadalajara is an inclusive and dynamic University Network, renowned in Mexico and abroad as a leader in the transformation of society through innovative means of social development and dissemination of knowledge.

For more information please visit www.udg.mx/es/red-universitaria

The University of Guadalajara


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