Who will win is the question

Piece by Heidi Lopez

Maestra | directed by Maggie Contreras

The question of who will come out the best
who will get to say they worked the hardest, who will get to say that it all paid off, who will get to say that the reason for taking a chance was just

That there was a reason in the first place

Would winning be proof? proof of superiority, proof of perfection- proof of being just as good as a man

In that competition, who will be left standing is the question
who will lead like none before, who will
be the best of woman, the one who doesn’t cry

One who will smile, genuinely
present flashes of white gracefully, proudly
being the one who is enough but never too much and yet still has so much more to do

In this competition woman born into,
who you are is the question
if what you do is cause for storytelling
and there is no space to be anything less than extraordinary

In this competition the rules are skewed, because if it hadn’t been made as such
everyone would win
No one would win

This competition, the one faced internally, the one that dictates so much of everything done as

There are many questions to be asked

Only when
Immersed in your craft,

when becoming one with music, with the taste of warm sunrise seeping through your skin,

Sitting together with those you admire at dinner, laughing proudly

Or Sitting alone and thinking

That is when there will be an answer.