Você Means You

Mahyar Mandegar

5:30 PM, Secret Movie Club, November 3rd

USA | 2023 | 4′ | English


In 'Você Means You,' Reza, a reserved skateboarder, has a chance encounter with his longtime crush, Andy, at a busy skatepark one afternoon. As they navigate the skatepark's challenges, their connection deepens, and they discover the true meaning of 'você' (you) in a heartwarming and unexpected way.

Director • Dirección
Mahyar Mandegar

Screenplay • Guión
Luísa Dalé Silva, Mahyar Mandegar

Cinematography • Fotografía
Luísa Dalé Silva, Mahyar Mandegar

Production Design
Yajie Qin

Edition • Edición
Devin Dulany

Producer • Productor
Joting Hsu, Corrine Dye

Cast • Elenco
Shawn Hall, Mikey Dubz


Mahyar Mandegar


Mahyar Mandegar is an Iranian director, writer, and editor, currently based in Los Angeles. His short film “White Winged Horse” premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2020, and played at many other major festivals worldwide. Before getting his MFA in directing from the AFI Conservatory, he studied film at the Art University of Tehran while working as an award-winning editor. Some of the films he edited screened in festivals such as Venice and Melbourne. He also directed the short documentary “Margarina Bailarina” in an exchange program in Berlin with Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

She enjoys merging both fictional and non-fictional worlds in her filmmaking, and drawing upon experiences including working on director Terrence Malick's editing team. Her short films can be streamed on The New Yorker, Short of the Week, and Omeleto.
Katherine received her MFA in Film Directing from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Art History from Georgetown University.


Luisa Dalé Silva


Brazilian-born cinematographer. She holds a degree in History from the Universidade de Brasília and studied Cinematography at ESCAC in Barcelona. Luísa has recently graduated from the MFA in Cinematography at the AFI. She is a member of the Brazilian Association of Cinematography.