Para vivir: El implacable tiempo de Pablo Milanés

Fabien H. Pisani

11:30 AM, Alamo Drafthouse, November 1st

Mexico, USA, Cuba | 156′ | Spanish, English – sub Spanish, English


People around the world venerate the unmistakable music and voice of Pablo Milanés. Few know the extraordinary story of how he became a Cuban and Latin American icon. Para Vivir is a portrait of the artist from the intimacy of a conversation with his son, and the complex times he lived and enriched with his music.

Director • Dirección
Fabien H. Pisani

Production Design
Cacerola Films, Viento del Norte Cine, The Cuban Joint

Producer • Productor
Laura Imperiale, Carlos Sosa


Fabien H. Pisani


Born in Cuba, he is a filmmaker and a cultural promoter. He currently lives and works in Mexico.