Mujeres del Alba

Jimena Montemayor Loyo

4:30:00 PM, Alamo Drafthouse, November 3rd

Mexico | 2023 | 98′ | Spanish – sub English


September 23, 1965. Sierra de Madera, Chihuahua. The military barracks is attacked by a group of students, peasants, and teachers. The families of the guerrillas are victims of repression by the authorities. Women, girls and nature are witnesses and strength that maintains with love and resistance the ties of life of those who fight.

Director • Dirección
Jimena Montemayor Loyo

Screenplay • Guión
Jimena Montemayor Loyo. Based in the novel “Las armas del Alba” y “Las mujeres del Alba” de Carlos Montemayor

Cinematography • Fotografía
Santiago Sánchez

Music / Score
Emiliano Motta

Sound • Sonido
Jose Miguel Enriquez

Production Design
Nohemi Gonzalez

Edition • Edición
Ana Castro

Producer • Productor
Victor Leycegui

Cast • Elenco
Valeria Torres, Shaula Ponce, Chantal Frías, Catalina López, Myriam Bravo, Berenice Mastretta


Jimena Montemayor Loyo


Graduated cum laude in the specialty of Direction and Cinematography at the Cinematographic Training Center (CCC), Mexico. Erasmus and FAMU International at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Czech Republic, 2006-2007.