Los Angeles Canvas

Aot Rivera

12:00 PM, Alamo Drafthouse, November 3rd

USA | 87′ | English


Los Angeles Canvas examines the mural movement that emerged in the city during the civil rights movement era in disenfranchised communities.

Director • Dirección
Aot Rivera

Production Design
Los Angeles Canvas Film

Producer • ProductorAot Rivera


Aot Rivera


He is an experienced documentary photographer. His work focuses on cultural representation in Los Angeles neighborhoods and the intersection of art, culture, politics, and society. His most recent efforts are focused on translating these themes into cinematographic works.

His work revolves around the intersection of visual storytelling, design thinking, and cultural specificity. He is interested in crafting narratives that intentionally humanize marginalized groups by focusing on seemingly mundane, yet universal, moments and emotions. It is through these that he aims to fill a void and shed light on underrepresented voices.

Keith holds an undergraduate degree from Old Dominion University. After working as a Technical Specialist in the energy industry, he shifted his focus to his creative inclinations. His affinity for the visual image led him to Howard University's Film MFA program where he committed to discovering his creative voice. He recently completed his studies as a Cinematography Fellow at the American Film Institute.