Piece by Heidi Lopez

Kenya | directed by Gisela Delgadillo

When they stand by the rain wet street curbs, what are they looking for?

The slight copper sparkle mixed in the clogged city storm drains?

A gesture of luck found in pennies faced up, down, or perfectly balanced on their side?

When they scan the road what are they looking for? maybe dimes and change and quarters

Something to dictate a war is over, something that brought on comfort?

Maybe they were looking for someplace warm, maybe they were following streetlights, Maybe they were just so captivated by the passing cars  they stopped to search for them

Maybe they were lost,  maybe they were stuck by this curb longer than with thought, maybe they’ve been circling around it for years, stumbling in dizziness from running in circles

Maybe they were tragic,  maybe they were characters that one could cling onto in disbelief of their theatrical lives

Maybe they were hated,  maybe all they could do was take advantage of the fact that not many questioned them there

By those rain wet street curbs

Maybe we questioned it, maybe we separate them from ourselves, instead of looking within, when we look at them, they become mirrors reflecting something that
can finally considered whole,

How awful it is that it had to take a day after rain, when you thought about how you longed the outside
and decided to take a stroll

At the crosswalk you stopped, waited by that rain wet street curb and glanced down saw in the ripples of water something unrecognizable but all the less you see human

Maybe all they were looking for was home.