Hasta Encontrarlos

Jean Chapiro

8:00 PM,Secret Movie Club, November 2nd

Mexico | 2023 | 19′ | Spanish


Since 1962 close to 295,000 people have disappeared in Mexico, and over 111,000 have not been found. Thousands of people across the country are still looking for their loved ones, especially mothers who will not rest until they find their children. Three years after her daughter, Rubi, went missing in Orizaba, Veracruz Mexico, Araceli Salcedo decided to start a collective in her own community. Today there are over 350 members in the group, and 90% of them are mothers. Together they have successfully found 15 people alive, returned 71 bodies, and spotted 53 clandestine graves in the past year. However, most of these women have not found their children.

One of the coping and healing mechanisms that Araceli created for the mothers in her collective are muñecos sanadores or “healing dolls”. The dolls represent each of their children and serve as a tool to help them navigate the void that their loved ones left behind.

Director • Dirección
Jean Chapiro

Cinematography • Fotografía
Cesar Chiquito

Music / Score
Antonio Millán

Sound • Sonido
Antonio Millán

Edition • Edición
Perla María Gutiérrez

Producer • Productor
Jean Chapiro, Cesar Chiquito

Cast • Elenco
Araceli Salcedo Jiménez, Colectivo Familias de los Desaparecidos Orizaba-Córdoba


Jean Chapiro


Jean Chapiro is a Student Academy Award winning filmmaker and journalist from Mexico City. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with a major in Communication, Visual Studies, and Cinema Studies. She holds an MS in Documentary Journalism from Columbia University and is currently completing an MFA in Film at Columbia University.

Through filmmaking, Jean seeks to bridge the gap between entertainment, art and journalism. Jean believes that storytelling is at the core of human existence and has the power to cut across political, cultural, and geographical borders.