Transcending Gender

A response to the short directed by Mariano Rentería Garnica

The Hernández balloon rising
Its fire carries a secret uniting
Where lifting a balloon together holds more than just tradition
It is the event that prevents this family fission

Where every stitch sews them tighter together
Whether or not they are carrying some pressure from life
There is no measure for how this uplifts them

As they release this balloon into the sky
They realize a new version of themselves
Letting go of their negative energy as they hold one another in chants and prayer
The balloon almost carries them with it as it navigates through the air

They are a family among the clouds
They are ungrounded but their roots live through the sky
Their ancestors are birds
And kites
Remembering the labor that brought them to this moment

In the community of Purepecha
On these unforgettable nights
The Hernández family reignites themselves
And us with them
As we live through these fires in the sky