El Tesoro

David Rodríguez Estrada

5:00 PM, Secret Movie Club, November 2nd

Mexico, USA | 2023 | 21′ | Spanish – sub English


After learning the last will of her son, Clemencia (Adriana Barraza) poses as a clairvoyant capable of tracking down and finding hidden treasures. In order to redeem the life of her son, she will have to convince Karime (Mónica Huarte), a desperate and ambitious widow, that there is a treasure buried in her garden, a space that actually hides a dark secret. With the help of Don Felipe (Roberto Sosa), a humble farmer, Clemencia digs hard and with each shovel he gets closer and closer to the sinister truth that ties his life to that of Karime and Don Felipe: a truth that has been woven by the ruthless hands of organized crime.

Director • Dirección
David Rodríguez Estrada

Screenplay • Guión
David Rodríguez Estrada

Cinematography • Fotografía
Gerardo Guerra

Music / Score
Alvaro Arce

Sound • Sonido
Odin Acosta

Production Design
Carola Gutíerrez

Edition • Edición
David Rodríguez Estrada

Producer • Productor
Edward Enríquez-Cohen, Gustavo Castillón, Patricia Riggen, David Rodríguez Estrada

Cast • Elenco
Adriana Barraza, Roberto Sosa, Mónica Huarte, Juan Carlos Flores, Edward Enríquez-Cohen, Iván Cortés, Iván Cortés, Haydee Leyva


David Rodríguez Estrada


David Rodríguez Estrada is a Mexican-American writer/director based in L.A. Raised in Durango, Mexico, at age 18 he enrolled in the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Film. He’s directed multiple award winning short films including his film “¿Existes?” which premiered at the Palm Springs Shorts Fest and “Suripanta”, nominated for an Imagen Award. He’s a Film Independent - Project: Involve fellow and a recipient of Sundance’s Latine Collab scholarship. “El Tesoro”, starring Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza and produced by Mexican director Patricia Riggen, is David’s latest film.