El Evangelio según Marcos

Eloy González

3:00 PM, Alamo Drafthouse, November 1st

Argentina, Mexico | 65′ | Spanish


Baltasar spends the summer at his estate when a torrential downpour floods the fields, leaving him isolated with the Gutre’s, a group of laborers.

Director • Dirección
Eloy Gonzalez

Production Design
Río Azul Films, Necrodrama, Landia Content, Paraná Cine

Producer • Productor
Francisco Paparella, Claudio Amoedo, David Kohan, Gustavo Anselmi, Eloy González


Eloy González


Argentine actor, and film and theater director. He has directed more than 20 theater plays, and in 2007 he founded Necrodrama. In 2016, he directed his first feature film, Diamantis, in Brazil. In 2020 his book Necrodrama was published. El Evangelio según Marcos is his second film.