Así dicen

Natalia Luque

5:00 PM, Secret Movie Club, November 2nd

Chile, USA | 2023 | 18′ | Spanish, Mapudungunsub English


Rumors spread like wildfire in a small Chilean town as an aborted fetus is found floating on the lake. A single mother's morals are put to the test when she discovers the culprit to be a young woman she knows.

Director • Dirección
Natalia Luque

Screenplay • Guión
Natalia Luque

Cinematography • Fotografía
Matías Illanes

Music / Score
Carlos Aznárez

Sound • Sonido

Production Design
Francisca Celume

Edition • Edición
Sylvana Squicciarini

Producer • Productor
Sylvana Squicciarini, Co-Producers: Magdalena Hurtado, Ignacia Merino

Cast • Elenco
Paula Zuñiga, Valentina Uribe


Natalia Luque


Chilean filmmaker that holds an MFA in Film from Columbia University. Her films - “On My Own” (2019), “The Virgin, The Old Lady, The Journey” (2020), and “So They Say” (2023) - tell stories of women in their working place, tapping into the close relationship between provider and customer to explore ways in which human connection and empathy can be a catalyst for change Her films have been selected at Telluride Film Festival Palm Springs Shortfest, Torino Film Festival among others. She’s part of the BAFTA Newcomers program and has received support from different institutions including DGA, IBERMEDIA, and the Chilean Board of the Arts. She is currently developing her first feature film "A Decorous Woman".